Welcome to the 1st International Forum on Inclusive Wealth (IFIW), the definitive platform for identifying realistic values-based solutions. 


The 1st International Forum on Inclusive Wealth is a unique event looking at dynamic solutions to the the pressing concerns of our time. From financial recession to war to climate change, the challenges we face as human beings today are unprecedented. IFIW calls for a fresh approach to tackle these problems, outside of conventional thought and benefiting to all.

There is a growing need to now look at socioeconomic human development issues from a wider perspective, the perspective of inclusive wealth. Inclusive wealth look at wealth as more than just profit and GDP, but in terms of Natural, Physical and Human benefits inclusive of all segments of the population. According to the United Nations, “An inclusive approach to calculating wealth opens the spectrum of how we measure success, and reflects our common desire for health and well-being across generations.”

Organized by Inclusive Wealth Initiative Sdn Bhd, this Forum brings intellectuals, activists and industry leaders together on one platform to find those answers that can revive our society, economy, environment and World, using the inclusive wealth approach. We invite you to join us at IFIW 2016 as we look boldly ahead.



Solutions with Purpose, Ethics and Compassion to create our preferred future.

The world is experiencing a multitude of crises! In this context, IFIW was conceived to provide a platform for identifying realistic values-based solutions.

Human and Industrial Development

What working models of wealth can we learn from, that serves both human and industrial development, without sacrificing our natural and human ecosystems that we need for survival?

Bridging Gaps

How can wealth serve to bridge the gaps between communities and nations?

Ethico-moral-spiritual dimension

Can we introduce an ethico-moral-spiritual dimension into our existing corporatized understanding of wealth?

This Forum will delve into these concerns, premised on ‘The House of Inclusive Wealth’ founded on 6 pillars;
Industrial, Humanistic, Spiritual, Altruistic, Aligned and Natural Wealth.

IFIW 2016 Offers

  • Access to collective and alternative knowledge

  • Innovative showcases of real inclusive wealth practices

  • A dynamic platform for youth to shape their future

  • A realistic game plan for an integrated inclusive living

  • An experiential, interactive and unforgettable experience


Mr Thomas Henry GrecoJr

Community/Monetary Economist, USA

Dr. Chandra Muzaffar

Geopolitical Analyst and Activist, Malaysia

Dato Dr Afifi al Akiti

Faculty of Theology, University of Oxford, UK

Shaykh Afroz Ali

Founder and President of Al-Ghazzali Centre, Australia

Mr. Yusuf Jha

Trainee Mufti, General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments (AWQAF,
Abu Dhabi)

Ms Matthias Gelber

The Green Man, Germany

Mr Pervez Nasim

Chairman, Ansar Housing Cooperative, Canada

Mr Pepe Escobar

Correspondent, Asia Times, Brazil


A Forum that will provoke discussions, conversations and diverse opinions
from game changers, experts, thought leaders, practitioners and activists


IHSAAN Xchange provides the means for buyers and sellers to conduct fair trade in a uniquely experiential manner using gold and silver in various forms including IFIW’s very own Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham coins. Come feel the excitement of haggling over prices as done so for thousands of years before the onset of fiat currency. IHSAAN Xchange allows for positive forms of money within the IFIW iSuQ ecosystem.


IHSAAN Xhibition educates on the latest innovations and practices of Inclusive Wealth, immerses visitors into the history of money in its various forms and provides thought-provoking future alternatives. View the World’s best electric car, the Tesla, accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds leaving absolutely no carbon footprint, watch thought-provoking screenings on inclusive wealth issues.


iSUQ is a thriving marketplace, a modern recreation of the vibrant classic trade centers. Purchase goods and acquire services using IFIW gold dinars and silver dirhams – from a range of vendors; get advice on managing real wealth and interest(usury)-free life, buy natural produce, handicraft, green technology, unique apparels, and much more in a lively bazaar-like atmosphere.


Y4iW is a platform for youth to take up the challenge of creating an inclusive wealth future where everyone thrives!

Y4iW is energetic, generative and innovative, inviting ideas and actions to educate and emancipate youth from the clutches of economic and capitalistic systems that shackles!

Y4iW inspires, empowers and mobilizes a generational movement collaborating with existing international youth networks for a transformative future addressing industrial, humanistic, spiritual, altruistic, aligned and natural wealth.

Come listen to showcases & talks by world renowned personalities, watch live performance, visit the creative Art Exhibition, Multimedia screenings / Short Films, participate in special youth sessions & workshops even…ALL towards Y4iW making a difference towards Inclusive Wealth..….

Join us at Y4iW, take the bold steps to design the future – right here!  



Solutions-based, action focused forum exploring Wealth Initiatives.

A confluence of academia, practitioners, youth, seekers of alternative ways.

Eclectic and comprehensive – sharing from a diverse range of sources.

Showcases and provides actual practice of Inclusive Wealth initiatives.


Solutions with Purpose, Ethics and Compassion to create our preferred future.



Malaysia is set on achieving the dream of its Vision 2020 on becoming a progressive country that is inclusive, sustainable and adaptable to the future. The next 4 years will have Malaysia focus on ‘Anchoring Growth on People’ with enhancing inclusiveness towards an equitable society. The Eleventh Malaysia Plan (2016-2020) encompasses economic, social and environmental progress. Malaysia also has set her sights well beyond 2020, conscious of the shifting global demographics, accelerating rate of science, technology and innovation.

At the same time, Malaysia is at an interesting cross-roads – to balance further development with its abundance of natural heritage of culture, flora and fauna.

Combining the aspirations with Malaysia’s peace-loving, hospitable and industrious people (ranked 5th most promising emerging market, Bloomberg 2015), the nation’s rich cultures, high levels of education and global outlook with a natural inclination on valuing diversity, Malaysia has the necessary spirit and ingredients to practice Real Inclusive Wealth – a fitting Launchpad for the First International Forum on Inclusive Wealth.



  • Corporate Heads and Managers
  • Institutional and Government Leaders
  • Intellectuals
  • Economists and Finance Industry Professionals
  • Youth
  • Activists
  • Eco-enthusiasts
  • Students and Families





Main Forum: 8 October 2016

Venue: Putra World Trade Centre

Y4IW FEST & YTALK: 7 & 9 October 2016

Venue: International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)


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